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By invitation ONLY!!!
Must be 21 or older, have a mic and download teamspeak3...

Welcome to the Renegade Outlaws Website!!

We are an adult clan of online gamers that enjoy good games, good friends and good fun!!
Please respect all players in the game and have a good time...

My location on TeamSpeak
Here's a couple of quick clips!!

Guild News


leadaxe, Jul 27, 11 11:17 AM.

Coming in July, get ready for some New Blood.

Hired Guns is a unique team vs. team mode in which each player has the ability to hire and control NPC mercenaries to help achieve objectives and defeat the other team. Each team may have up to eight players and can earn funds to hire mercenaries.  The first map in this new mission type is Blood Money.

Check out these screenshots

Hire Mercs:

Issue Commands:

Get The Gold:

In dealing with the multi-national hydra called NEMEXIS, Command believes that they can deal a devastating blow to the corporation by stealing the gold reserves the company uses to secure credit lines from an international bank. Unfortunately, NEMEXIS has learned about this operation and are offering a reward to a mercenary team to secure the gold before it is stolen. You’ve got to make it into the bank, use your hired mercenary force to secure the facility, and take your prize before the other merc team can get to it!

There is Blood Money for the taking. Time to hire your team of calculating killers and snatch the Gold before your enemies.

--Combat Arms Command--

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